Supervised Visitations and Custody Exchanges

What is supervised visitation?

Supervised visitation is the provision and maintenance of a safe, neutral environment in which the contact between a child and an adult can be monitored by personnel able to protect the safety of the child.

What are supervised custody exchanges?

Supervised exchanges are for parties who are not required to be supervised while visiting a child but cannot have contact with the other adult party when picking up or dropping off of a child.      

How to initiate services with ICS

1. All involved adult parties, both custodial and non-custodial must contact ICS and schedule an intake.  The intake allows us time to sit with each party and gather information regarding the parties involved, the particulars for that family and the child(ren) invovled.  The intake fee is non-refundable, whether or not the potential client follows through with services or ICS agrees to accept the family as a client.    

2. After the parties have all completed their intakes, ICS personnel will attempt to schedule services based on the families availability and ICS availability. 

General family service information: 

ICS is not responsible to contact the other party to ask them to come in and complete their intake or to initiate services.  

BRING a copy of your court order with you to your intake.   

Supervised visitation and custody exchanges are set on a schedule so the child knows what day of the week or month they are visiting and this assists in bringing normalcy for the child.  

No call, no shows for services or consistent canceling of visitations/exchanges could result in termination of services and your appointment time being offered to another family.  

ICS is a neutral, third party and will not make recommendations to placement or other custody modifications.  

All visitations are documented and reports can be provided upon request. 

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